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Wardrobes for Small bedrooms in Dubai


If your bedroom is on the smaller side, you may be looking for a way to maximize your storage space. We sympathize with your situation. Even while getting more storage in a small place can be difficult, it is not impossible to do so. You can acquire the wardrobe of your dreams with a little ingenuity and professional assistance. Here are some wardrobes for small bedrooms design ideas that are both functional and inexpensive! You should pick the design that suits your personal taste.

Sliding Wardrobe with Mirror Panel, Lofts, and Lacquered Glass

Using the Mirror Panel

We can use mirrors to create the illusion of a larger area is a common practice in smaller dwellings. The design of this compact bedroom cabinet makes the room appear larger and brighter.

Lofts are a great option

Sliding door designs for wardrobes for small bedrooms are regarded as ideal. You’ll need some extra room in front of the wardrobe if it has a swing door design to open the doors. We may easily do away with this requirement by utilizing a sliding door system. Lofts are perfect for storing baggage, infrequently used things, and more when you’re short on storage space. In this design, we particularly appreciate how the designer paired two vivid colors to create a balance while making the area appear odd.

With Lacquered Glass

In addition, we must not forget about our valuables and personal decor. Combining a display unit with your wardrobe allows you to adorn your room without bringing in additional furniture.

Lofts & Storage around the Door

Making the most use of every part of your area is essential to maximizing storage space. To maximize the amount of storage in this compact bedroom, the designers took advantage of the area around the door.

Mirror Panels on Wardrobe

wardrobes for small bedrooms in dubai

Another issue in a small bedroom can be solved by using mirrors to reflect light in this trendy small bedroom cupboard design. This not only expands the space but also lights it up significantly. Adding a beige color to your home can also give it a more airy atmosphere. Also, don\’t overlook the wardrobe\’s glossy surface.

Two-door, Frosted Glass and wall-to-wall Small Bedroom Cupboard Design 


Designers typically recommend two- to three-door closets for smaller rooms since they don\’t take up a lot of space to assemble and are easier to maintain. A sliding door mechanism or light-colored doors are better options if you\’re employing a lot of doors.

Frosted Glass

Choose internal storage units that allow you to keep all of your clothing and accessories in order even if you don\’t have the space for a larger wardrobe design. With hangers, drawers with sorting units, and more, putting things away is made easier. Additionally, the frosted glass doors take up less room in the bedroom!


All the space in a compact bedroom must be utilized. Using a wall-to-wall wardrobe design that can accommodate all of your clothing, accessories, and other items is the ideal way to accomplish this.

Multiple-division wardrobes for small bedrooms

For ease of storage, a tiny bedroom cabinet for a couple must contain his and hers compartment. This makes it simpler to find your belongings and locate them quickly. Lofts, drawers, dressing mirrors, and more can be found throughout this custom wardrobe Dubai.

Vanity Unit Attached to Wardrobe

Wardrobes for small bedrooms benefit from the use of light colors and pastels. A glossy or mirror finish is best if you\’re going for a bright color. This creates a bright, airy, and spacious feel in the room.

Wardrobe with Built-in Study

Fits perfectly into a little study area inside a wardrobe. Sliding doors, swing doors, and lofts combine to create a wardrobe that maximizes the available storage space in wardrobes for small bedrooms.

Corner wardrobe with See-through Glass Doors and Wardrobe with Pull-out Features

See-through glass is another popular choice for closet doors. Thanks to this design for a little bedroom cabinet, it\’s also easy to see what\’s inside the wardrobe.

Wardrobes for small bedrooms with Pull-out Features

Furniture and closets in white and wood are timeless classics. This compact bedroom design is a perfect fit for this combo. As a result, it has pull-out elements, such as an ironing board and a dresser mirror.

Built-in wardrobe with a desk for little children’s room

This wardrobe is specifically intended for a child’s room. For children’s study rooms, it has a huge amount of desk space. The biggest storage space is provided by a built-in closet, which has shelves and an overhead cupboard.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

wardrobes in dubai

Layered Shelving should be installed.

Shelves can be stacked against a wall or extended around the room\’s perimeter. Books, accessories, blankets, handbags, and shoes are just a few examples of what you can put in there.

S-Hooks are ideal for hanging pants.

S-hooks can be used to suspend your pants\’ belt loops to save shelf space. In this manner, you may quickly reduce their size. Bonus: You\’ll be able to view them all better when picking a pair.

Consider a Nightstand That Can Be Mounted to the Wall

Even if you don\’t have enough space for a full-size nightstand, a small wall-mounted corner unit is preferable to having your water and books scattered all over the floor.

We can make the custom closets of your dream come true we can build you wardrobes for small bedrooms with your preferences in mind. So for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Accessories inside the wardrobes

By adding some accessories inside the wardrobes like pants pull-out, shoe rack, ironing board, and other things we can fit a lot of things perfectly into their place, and by doing this we have a more organized wardrobe in UAE and the maximum storage possible. Also, you can add lighting inside the closets in order to have the feeling everything is bigger and lighter.

Ready to design your space?

As one of the most professional interior designing companies in UAE, we can design your wardrobes in minutes. We provide free consultation and design to our customers. By applying Touch Reality and 3D designs, you are able to design wardrobes that you have in mind in our showroom before we start the process of designing your custom closets in Dubai. Keep in mind that our company in Dubai only offers this technology and it’s completely free!


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