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The Woodwork in Kitchen Design Complete Guide

Custom-made woodwork in kitchen design is our goal, and we\’ll do everything we can to make it a reality for you. We can realize the visions of each and every one of our clients and try to bring the Kitchen renovation in Dubai of your dream to life. Now we will answer some of the most important questions regarding woodwork in kitchen design.



Which wood is best for the kitchen?

Red oak, poplar, maple, mahogany, or plywood are commonly regarded as the best wood for kitchen cabinets in UAE. A project\’s budget, the likelihood of painting the cabinetry, and personal taste all play a role in determining the best kind of solid wood to use. Home renovation projects must be long-lasting and bring actual value to the house. So choose wisely, and remember that cabinet doors and face frames are commonly manufactured from solid hardwoods. Maple, hickory, or beech are examples of wood species.


How much do wood kitchen cabinets cost? 

The woodwork in Kitchen Design can be done with various types of wood.  Woodwork kitchen cabinets can cost materials and installation because of the huge selection of wood kinds. In order of cost, here is a breakdown of the woods that are commonly used for cabinetry.


With its smooth texture and muted grain pattern, alder is a great wood to work with.


Cherry\’s hue and gloss matte surface have made it a popular choice for interior designers. Even though it is not hardwood, it is a sturdy and long-lasting material. It\’s expensive because of its long-lasting quality and luxurious appeal.


You can count on hickory to last for decades if you\’re seeking extremely durable wood for your cabinets.


In addition to being extremely durable, maple is also a great choice for staining because it is both easy to work with and readily available.


Oak is a durable and easy-to-clean wood.


Walnut is a lovely wood for wooden kitchen cabinets because of its deep color that doesn\’t require a stain. It has a premium price because of its durability and resistance to moisture.


How much does a timber kitchen cost?

Water-resistant medium density fibreboard is the most common material to construct long-lasting cabinets (MDF) and waterproof kitchen cabinets. The backs of your cabinets should be made of at least 6mm vinyl, and the bottoms of your drawers should be sturdy and stable to keep them in place. Your cabinets can be made of solid timber if that\’s what you\’re looking for, but it\’ll cost you. If you would like to know Timber woodwork for kitchen costs, the simplest way is to book a free consultation with T&T professional team.


Which wood is best for a modular kitchen? 

Plywood is what it is. Plywood is a strong and solid building material because it\’s made up of several thin sheets of wood glued together. It is available in a broad range of thicknesses and is easy to find. As a result of its making, plywood has a high strength-to-weight ratio.


Kitchen in Dubai cabinets that are likely to be splashed with water should be constructed from marine or BWP (boiling waterproof) plywood. Because it is less expensive, commercial ply does not have the same durability as BWP ply,



Benefits of Using Wooden kitchen table and chair

There are numerous advantages to having a wooden kitchen table and chairs. The following are examples:


Longevity and Sturdiness

Wood is a well-known emblem of strength, and it is no surprise that furniture constructed of wood is as durable. The long-term usefulness of hardwood furniture is ensured by its sturdiness.


Look and Feel of Woodwork in Kitchen Design

You may have noticed that a wooden kitchen design as a classical kitchen design, can beautify and elevate any space. It doesn\’t matter what color the room is, dark or light. Adding wood furniture to a space adds a sense of coziness and comfort.



In terms of sustainability, wood is a good choice.



Because wood comes in a broad range of hues and tones, there are numerous styles and options for wood furniture.


Woodworking plans for Kitchen Island

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