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7 Reasons Why Luxury Kitchen Design Is Common In Dubai

luxury kitchen design

In this post, we’ll examine the many benefits of investing in a Luxury Kitchen Design and luxury kitchen cabinets.

Depending on the features you choose to remodel, a Luxury Kitchen Design will raise your home’s interior aesthetics and value. Think about the advantages of custom-made kitchen cabinets in Dubai. The right cabinet design can positively impact the overall appearance and feel of the room. If you want a consistent look for your entire house, have them built and painted to look like the rest of your decor. Storage units for the kitchen made to fit in a specific area are called custom kitchen cabinets. It is possible to install luxury kitchen cabinets on the floor or the ceiling.

Only by working with a reputable kitchen designer can you ensure that you get the best possible service and products. With just your kitchen plan or layout, we can assess your kitchen in UAE and offer advice throughout the process. Luxury kitchen design and cabinetry have several advantages, such as the following.


Custom kitchen cabinets and Luxury Kitchen Designs are excellent investments because they allow you to personalize your home’s style, layout, and functionality (space for meal prep, room to maneuver, room for storing large appliances, etc.). You can describe your ideal kitchen to a designer while they observe your kitchen in real-time. To put it another way, you can envision the finished product together with your existing countertops, appliances, wall paint, and other features. As a bonus, a custom cabinet installation ensures that the new cabinets will fit in unusually-sized spaces and match your home’s overall look and feel.

2-Luxury Kitchen Design has Long-term Durability 

Cabinets from big box stores are generally of the same quality because they are mass-produced. On the other hand, Luxury Kitchen Design cabinets are built to last much longer than standard kitchen cabinets because they are custom made. A team of design experts will ensure that you get the best materials, from the wood to the hardware when you order custom-built cabinets. The installation process is of high quality, yet another perk. It is more likely that a custom craftsman will ensure that the customer’s cabinetry is built and installed to the highest possible quality standard.

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3-Incomparable quality 

You should treat your kitchen cabinets in a Luxury Kitchen Design as if they were furniture in your home. As a result, you expect them to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Whether you go with solid hardwood, stained glass, or open shelving for your new kitchen storage, having it custom-built will unquestionably elevate your space. Below, we go into greater detail about quality.

4-Luxury Kitchen Design Style

Style and design are the next most important aspects of Luxury Kitchen Design. Theme and other kitchen decors must be considered when selecting cabinets and appliances. Thanks to this, your kitchen will always be the focal point of attention.

5-Luxury Kitchen Design Functionality

Luxury Kitchen Design and cabinets are also important for their functionality. It’s important to think about whether or not you’ll be using your kitchen regularly when you’re designing and furnishing it. Cooking daily necessitates the purchase of a kitchen table or cabinets that are easy to access and have a lot of storage space if you plan on doing so frequently. If you want to go for a kitchen renovation in UAE, always consider the functionality.

6-You can install them anywhere! 

Luxury kitchen cabinet designs are a popular choice because they can be installed in almost any room. Several different types of luxury kitchens are available, so it doesn’t matter if you only have a small space to work with. They can be used for entirely various purposes, including entertaining, cooking, and dining.

modern kitchen design

7-Materials’ Quality

Cabinets of superior quality are a must-have in any Luxury Kitchen Design. On the floor, cabinets rest in a box attached to the wall. It’s no accident, then, that this portion of the construction is referred to as “the box” in the industry. The box used in high-quality cabinets should not be made of MDF or other pressboard material. MDF can make good kitchen cabinet boxes, but plywood and solid wood are better options.

  • Plywood: Don’t buy the stuff from the bulk racks at your local home center or lumberyard when it comes to plywood. Instead, furniture-grade plywood outperforms solid wood in terms of durability and performance. Nothing but plywood and bare plywood will be included in the shipment.
  • Solid Wood: Solid wood doors and drawer fronts are a common feature for high-end kitchen cabinets.
  • Melamine: In many cases, lining the insides of the cabinet boxes with melamine is preferable to simply leaving them wood. Moisture can cause wood to rot, and food can stain it. When it comes to drying and cleaning, Melamine is more convenient. We have luxury kitchen design pictures that you can see on our website.

Why T1 Studio?

As one of the most professional kitchen interior designing companies in UAE, we can design your kitchen in 15 minutes. All of our kitchens are manufactured at our factory in the Netherlands with the highest quality.

As a result, we are able to monitor and control every step of its manufacture and ensure that each item is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our factory and is imported to UAE. We provide free consultation and design to our customers.

With our Touch Reality and 3D designs, you are able to design the kitchen that you have in mind in our showroom before we start the process of designing your kitchen in Dubai. Keep in mind that our company in Dubai only offers this technology and it’s completely free!

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