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5 types of kitchen layout; which one is a better option?

types of kitchen layout

Here, we want to see what are the types of kitchen layout? To have a functional and practical kitchen, the layout of your kitchen is the most crucial element to consider. Regardless of how big or tiny your kitchen is, a well-thought-out plan will help you get the most out of the space. A kitchen arrangement is more complicated than simply deciding where to put the appliances and cabinets; ergonomics also play a major role. The pleasure you feel in your kitchen will be influenced by various factors, including the correct positioning of appliances, the correct heights of furniture, and the ease with which they can be operated. While your home\’s floor plan is likely to dictate the arrangement of your kitchen, you may still make it more efficient. Here are the most popular and best practical kitchen layouts. Let’s see what types of kitchens are there.


What are types of kitchen Layouts?


Single Wall



One of the most common types of kitchen layout is Single-wall kitchens are more popular in urban areas and high-rises like Waikiki than in the suburbs or rural areas. They are ideal for a contemporary loft-style kitchen because they take up less space. In a \”One-Wall Kitchen,\” the layout is intended to make it easier to do all of the steps involved in preparing food, cooking it, and cleaning up afterward in a straight line. Having no \”Kitchen Triangle,\” being less elegant, and lacking counter space are drawbacks of this sort of kitchen in Dubai.


Galley kitchen layout



There are two parallel walls of cabinets in a galley kitchen. This layout is ideal for old-fashioned cooking done by a single cook because it is time-saving in the preparation and cooking stages. With this design, going from one workstation to the next in the kitchen is as simple as turning around. One disadvantage of the galley design is that it functions as a hallway from one part of the house to another, which means traffic can flow straight across the workspace. So, what are the types of kitchen layout for modern houses? Read on to find out.


Island kitchen layout



The island is often considered the focal point of any kitchen featuring an island because of its central position in the layout. When it comes to kitchen islands, there are many options, from simple tables to a multi-level surface with its own appliances and sink and maybe workspace and seating for guests and family. It may be included in various kitchen designs, including the L-shaped, u-shaped, and single-wall concepts. It will give a kitchen a whole new dimension while also separating the cook and their visitors when entertaining. Remember dimensions between island and cabinets must not be less than 90cm or more than 120cm.


L-Shaped one of the types of kitchen layout



By running cabinets along two adjacent walls, an L-Shaped kitchen is formed. The L-Shaped Kitchen\’s design, efficiency, and openness to the rest of the house make it a great option for entertaining. The arrangement, which includes two linear cabinet runs, enables the positioning of appliances and work areas to be as flexible as possible. When the kitchen is open to a living room or an island in the middle, it\’s perfect for hosting large families and big groups of friends. The negative of this sort of kitchen is that it is not suggested for compact spaces and is difficult to achieve. So, what are the types of kitchen layout for more storage? Continue reading.




Among two types of kitchen layout for more space are this one and single wall. Using three walls and an opening on one side, a U-Shaped Kitchen can be configured in various ways. Because of the continuous turn in the countertop and the use of a \”Lazy Susan\” for the corner cabinet, this design allows for a lot of storage and counter space. U-shaped kitchens are best for cooks who frequently prepare and cook rather than entertain and deal with a lot of foot traffic in the kitchen. It\’s not ideal for numerous chefs at once, but it\’s a great blank canvas for a single home cook to get into their \”zone truly\”!


An important tip to consider in any kitchen layout: The Work Triangle

Now that you know what are the types of kitchen layout are, let\’s talk about another important factor. In the 1920s, one of the earliest efficiency measures in a home kitchen was developed: the work triangle. For food preparation, cleaning, and storage, the triangle provides a direct route between the sink, counter, and stovetop (or refrigerator).

The typical kitchen in a single-story house is 161 square feet, while the average kitchen in a multi-story house is 174 square feet. The average size of a kitchen in a house under 1,500 square feet is 103 square feet. The average size of a kitchen in a house over 4,000 square feet is 238 square feet. Also, the vast majority of kitchenettes are 120cm wide x 60cm deep x 90cm tall, but these the dimensions can be changed based on your preference.


  • The Kitchen Work Triangle Principles are:
  • To create a proper triangle, each leg should measure between 1.25 and 2.7 meters in length
  • The aggregate length of the three legs should be between 4 and 7.9 meters.
  • There should be no big traffic in the area.


Conclusion on what are the types of kitchen layout

In this article, we discussed what are the types of kitchen layout that you can use. A question that many ask is, what is the most popular kitchen layout? And based on customers’ orders, we must say that it\’s U-Shaped Dutch kitchen in Dubai, but keep in mind that the design of your kitchen must be based on your own preferences and TNT experts are ready to customize your kitchen design in the way you desire. And keep in mind that from the beginning it’s Important to have correct kitchen design with the right MEP.


These types of kitchen layouts can be found in our T&T Studio Gallery. It is easy to discover that there are some kitchen layouts that are a combination of kitchen layouts.   Let\’s check the T&T Studio Gallery out now!


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