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Kitchen Interior Design in Dubai

Kitchen Interior Design in Dubai

When it comes to designing your kitchen in Dubai, it’s important to pay attention to every detail, from the layout to the color scheme. A well-designed kitchen can not only make your life easier but also add value to your property. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about kitchen interior design in Dubai.

Layout and Space Planning

One of the most important aspects of designing a kitchen is the layout and space planning. The layout should be functional and efficient, allowing you to move around the space with ease. There are several popular layouts that you can choose from, including L-shaped, U-shaped, and galley.

L-shaped layouts are popular in Dubai as they can easily be customized to fit the available space. U-shaped layouts are perfect for larger kitchens and provide ample counter space. Galley layouts work well in smaller kitchens and maximize the use of available space.


Lighting is an essential element of any kitchen interior design in Dubai. Good lighting can help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere while also making your kitchen more functional. There are several types of lighting that you can consider, including task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting.

Task lighting is used to illuminate specific areas in the kitchen, such as the stove or sink. Ambient lighting creates a soft and warm glow throughout the space. Accent lighting is used to highlight specific design elements, such as artwork or decorative features.

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Color Scheme

Choosing the right color scheme is also important when designing your kitchen. In Dubai, many homeowners prefer to use neutral colors like beige, white, and gray. These colors can help create a modern and sophisticated look, which is popular in Dubai.

However, you can also consider using bold colors like red or blue to create a statement in your kitchen. Just make sure to balance these colors with neutral tones to avoid overwhelming the space.

Cabinetry and Storage

Cabinetry and storage are also essential elements of any kitchen interior design. There are several types of cabinets that you can choose from, including open shelves, glass-fronted cabinets, and closed cabinets. In addition, you can also consider adding storage solutions like a pantry or a kitchen island.

When choosing cabinets, consider the material and finish. For example, wood cabinets can add warmth and character to the space, while metal cabinets can create a sleek and modern look.


Finally, you will also need to consider the appliances that you will use in your kitchen. In Dubai, many homeowners prefer to use modern and energy-efficient appliances. These appliances can help you save money on your energy bills while also making your life easier.

When choosing appliances, consider the size, style, and features. For example, a built-in refrigerator can help create a seamless look in your kitchen, while a range with a double oven can provide more cooking space.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cost of designing a kitchen in Dubai depends on several factors, including the size of the space, the materials used, and the complexity of the design. On average, you can expect to pay between AED 20,000 and AED 150,000 for a kitchen renovation. But we design your kitchen in 15 minutes for free.

The time it takes to design a kitchen in Dubai depends on the scope of the project. On average, a kitchen renovation can take between 4 and 8 weeks.

There are several materials that you can consider for your kitchen cabinets, including wood, metal, and laminate. Wood cabinets are popular in Dubai as they can add warmth and character to the space. At our showroom in Dubai we have a wide variety of wood finishes that will suit your personality.

Yes, you can incorporate a kitchen island in your Dubai kitchen design. A kitchen island can provide additional counter space and storage while also creating a focal point in the room. However, you will need to consider the available space in your kitchen and the size of the island to ensure it fits comfortably in the room.

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