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Floating shelves for kitchen | 6 Kitchen Floating Shelf Ideas That Maximize Storage Space

kitchen floating shelf

There are many ways to organize your cupboards, stove, and sink, no matter how you configure things. But what about the floating shelves for kitchen? They\’re not limited to one location. Those anxious about having enough storage space for their groceries and dinnerware may perceive open storage as a recipe for clutter. For individuals who despise cleaning, the notion of any exposed products accumulating dust is enough to make them stay in cupboards.

Floating shelves in kitchen, on the other hand, may optimize storage space, add aesthetic curiosity, and work with your kitchen cabinet in Dubai —not against them—to transform your kitchen into an area where you can cook, assemble, and entertain in harmony. Whether you\’re looking to open up a little corner of your home or maximize an odd sliver of blank wall, here\’s an ingenious solution that turns a problem into an opportunity.


Free Floaters| floating shelves for kitchen


As you can see, this design has enough cabinet space to accommodate everyone. It\’s a good idea to keep things like cups and plates on two small floating shelves for kitchen that start just where the counter turns into a dining area. In addition, they keep the room bright and open.


The Point of Focus


With their symmetrical design, these shelves help bring the eye to this kitchen\’s focal point: the bespoke architectural range hood. Objects, such as a beautiful porcelain bowl and a few priceless cookbooks, are placed thoughtfully to draw attention to them without overpowering them.


Additional Rod | Floating shelves for kitchen

In addition to serving as a place for cups, plates, and other kitchen accouterments, the floating shelves for kitchen that you see above are also a place for a few vases and other decorative items. In addition, a metal rod inserted directly below and above the stovetop maintains essential cooking utensils and a sauce pot within easy reach of this design.



There are other options if you don\’t want to give up your cabinets to install floating shelves. As this house shows, you don\’t have to. A basic white hanging shelves for kitchen on the other side of the room provides a good counterpoint to many cupboards on one side of the space.


Corner Catch-All | floating shelves for kitchen

Large windows can be difficult to design because they allow so much natural light into the kitchen in Dubai. However, designers had an answer for this room: two simple floating shelves for kitchen were installed on either side of the window to maximize the otherwise empty space.

Additionally, a floating shelf above kitchen window helps to highlight the kitchen\’s roof beams by providing an additional surface for cutting boards and artwork.


Full Wall

A scalloped range hood adds to the French country feel of this kitchen by taking center stage. Copper cookware is shown in place of traditional top cabinets, thanks to a long, free-floating shelf and metal rail. This is a good example of why it\’s not always a good idea to hide all of your tools.

If you are looking for floating shelves for kitchen dishes, this is your suitable design.


Bonus floating shelves for kitchen design idea: with no pantry, there will be no worries

As part of the kitchen design in Dubai, if you don\’t have a real pantry, you can store your most frequently used ingredients in glass jars, so you don\’t have to look at messy bags and canisters.

Remember that you don\’t need to spend much money on storage cabinets Dubai and other solutions; jars can be purchased inexpensively at craft and hardware stores, or they can be reused after emptying their contents at the grocery store.


How to use open floating shelving, and is it still in style? 

To have the greatest visual impact with open floating shelves for kitchen, make sure you utilize the entire room\’s dimensions. A strong, enticing look can be achieved with a floor-to-ceiling unit with sturdy, adjustable shelves and minimal fixtures. Small kitchens can benefit from open shelving that doesn\’t appear to take up a lot of space. Even in a small living room, it works.

Consider the look you\’re going for, traditional or contemporary, and think carefully about what you\’re putting out there. Allowing sufficient depth and weight capacity will ensure that each shelf is built without warping. On to the next matter at hand, shall we? For the year 2022, open shelving will still be popular.

Open shelving is a popular design element in the kitchen because it is both practical and visually appealing. Remember, what to put on kitchen floating shelves is another important question you must consider when considering kitchen floating shelves ideas.


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