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All you need to know about European kitchens

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An emphasis 4 things to know about European Kitchens from clean lines to the elegance that characterizes modern European Kitchen cabinetry. Fully accessible frameless construction is a hallmark of European-style kitchen cabinets.

Full overlay doors have no frames or unsightly center stiles attached directly to a sturdy, thick cabinet box. With flush cabinet and door lines and larger drawers, maximize storage space. Euro-style cabinets’ simplicity, elegance, and storage capacity make them a popular choice.

Take a look at the three new lines we’ve added recently. European kitchen cabinets tend to have a sleeker, more contemporary appearance than USA kitchen cabinets.

The absence of a frame in European kitchen cabinet design is one of its most distinctive characteristics. Thanks to the cabinet’s frameless design, a “seamless” look is achieved. Let’s see what are European-style kitchen cabinets.

Create a Modern European Kitchen


Additionally, European kitchen cabinets’ simplicity of use is another benefit. European cabinets lack rails and stiles, which can obstruct access to the interior in American cabinets.

Modern or contemporary kitchens are more likely if you choose European cabinets. This opens up a broad range of possibilities in terms of materials and colors, with a few well-liked options standing out. Laminate is a very popular option for kitchen cabinets in UAE.

New manufacturing techniques have made this once-flimsy material much stronger and longer-lasting. If you want a color that will work well in a contemporary kitchen in Dubai, this is a great option. Hardware on most European kitchen cabinets is typically minimalist, often made of metal, and often in a clean, minimalist design.

European Kitchen Cabinets are Exactly What you Need for Any Space

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All you need to know about European kitchens 3

In addition, many people believe that European Kitchen style cabinets are more prone to deterioration over time. Their simple, modern design never goes out of style, and it still looks great years after it is installed. European-style cabinets can raise the resale value of a home and give it a unique look for those who plan to sell it in the near future.

Even the tiniest of details, such as cabinetry, can make a big difference in a competitive real estate market. You can use European-style cabinets in a room with bold patterns, eye-catching motifs, and other daring aesthetic choices because they have a very minimal appearance and feel. Many home designs can benefit from the beautiful simplicity of these frameless cabinets, which can be used in almost any room.


The Material Being Used in European Kitchen Cabinets

Considering the materials used and how they mesh with your personal style is an important factor to keep in mind. Laminate is considered the most common material used in European cabinetry. Because they are lightweight, extremely durable, and come in a wide variety of designs, laminates are a popular choice.

Even in a modest kitchen, European-made laminates have achieved a level of luxury that was previously thought to be only available at very high and unreasonable prices. Thousands of color and texture options are available, from bright, bold hoes to more subdued shades of the same hue. The simple metal designs used on European cabinet hardware give the cabinets a sleek appearance. Always consider these mentioned tips for kitchen renovation in Dubai.


The Painting and Installation of European Kitchen Cabinets

You need to know a few things about installing European kitchen cabinets versus traditional kitchen cabinets. A few people may wonder if it’s possible to do this at home, but it won’t produce the same outcomes.

Make it look good by hiring a professional. Cabinets can be installed to add contemporary and retro styles to cabinets. Discuss the paint after the installation is complete. This section has various options, including an eye-catching design and a timeless color. European kitchen cabinet doors are usually full doors.


Frameless Constructions Can be seen in all of the European Cabinets

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All you need to know about European kitchens 4

When it comes to European Kitchen Cabinets, a frameless construction is standard. Unlike in other setups, there is no frame in front of the cabinet box in this one. After they’ve been installed, you’ll notice that the fronts of all the doors and drawers are flat. It has a clean, modern look with a wide range of interior design styles.

Cost-effective European cabinets have many considerations, such as quality, aesthetics, utility, and style that must be considered when selecting a cabinet. Also, in addition to frameless cabinet design, you can go for a handless design which is sleek and gives the kitchen a more modern look.


Now you are familiar with the elements and features of European craftsmanship. The modern design provides sleek and elegant patterns, making the minimalist style an excellent choice for the modern home or office. Contact us from below for more information about European kitchen cabinet design 2022.

Why T1 Studio?

As one of the most professional interior designing companies in UAE, we can design your kitchen in minutes. All of our kitchens are constructed at our factory in the Netherlands.

As a result, we are able to monitor and control every step of its manufacture and ensure that each item is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our factory and is imported to UAE. We provide free consultation and design to our customers.

By applying Touch Reality and 3D designs, you are able to design kitchen that you have in mind in our showroom before we start the process of designing your kitchen in Dubai. Keep in mind that our company in Dubai only offers this technology and it’s completely free!

These are 4 things to know about European Kitchens need more information? Reach out to us below

These are 4 things to know about European Kitchens need more information? Reach out to us below

These are 4 things to know about European Kitchens need more information? Reach out to us below

These are 4 things to know about European Kitchens need more information? Reach out to us below

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